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Minerals Education Coalition releases Iron in Our Electrical World video

Second of the Minerals in our Electrical World series

The Minerals Education Coalition (MEC) of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Foundation (SMEF) is pleased to announce the release of its latest video, Iron in our Electrical World. The second in the popular Minerals in our Electrical World series, this 19-minute video will be a vital resource for high school teachers and students, as well as informative and entertaining for anyone with an interest in science.

“Through on-location filming and specially-designed graphics, the content has been created to work for teachers in the disciplines of chemistry, geology and electrical and mechanical engineering,” said SME Director of Education and Foundation Sharon Schonhaut.

The world of electricity is highly dependent on iron, from small computers to mega-sized motors. Viewers will learn about iron formations, the extraction and processing of iron ore, and watch demonstrations of uses which include an aerial “octocopter,” a Tesla sports car, a guitar and amplifier, a roller coaster and many other exciting applications. The electromagnetic properties of iron are shown using vivid graphics, and explained by expert geologists and mining, mechanical and electrical engineers.

Iron in our Electrical World can be viewed at MEC is the SME Foundation’s program designated to generate an enlightened and supportive public that appreciates the importance of mining and minerals in their lives and their lifestyles. For more information about MEC, please visit

Original News Release by SME: a professional society (nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation) whose more than 15,000 members represent all professions serving the minerals industry in more than 100 countries. SME members include engineers, geologists, metallurgists, educators, students and researchers. SME advances the worldwide minerals community through information exchange and professional development.

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